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Do you share our very special love and respect for the spectacular Cape Cod National Seashore? Please consider contributing to the Friends of the Cape Cod National Seashore. Your donation, no matter how big or how small, is important to us. It helps fund worthy environmental, historical, educational, and recreational programs. Your support enhances people's enjoyment of the Seashore by publicizing issues that affect the protection and preservation of the Seashore's resources. The non-profit Friends organization manages several special funds that contribute to important educational, archival and research projects at the Seashore.

Many people have chosen to pay tribute to someone special with an Honorary Gift or Memorial Gift. If you wish to make your tax-deductible donation in honor of, or in memory of a special person:

If you wish to donate to one of the Special Funds managed by the Friends of the Cape Cod National Seashore:

Please be sure to indicate the Fund of your choice by checking the appropriate box. Each of the three funds is described below.


— Penniman House Project Fund —

The 1868 Captain Edward Penniman House is one of the national seashore's most iconic historic properties. Penniman retired there in Eastham with his family after a long and successful whaling career. When you visit the house you'll learn about his voyages and family life, and the amenities that made the house unique for its time.

Penniman House

National Park Service CentennialIn 2016 the National Park Service will celebrate 100 years of preserving parks and providing for public enjoyment. Federal funding is available for projects that bring park resources into good condition and showcase public-private partnerships.

This year Friends pledged $100,000 towards the project to paint and repair the exterior of the Penniman House. Through additional support from Eastern National, the seashore's book and gift store partner, and the federal match, the project will be underway in late 2015-2016, and completed during the National Park Service Centennial.

Friends has been the national seashore's official fundraising partner since 1987.

Please help us reach our match goal by making a donation

— Joshua A. Nickerson Fund —

Mr. Nickerson was an original member of the National Seashore Advisory Commission and its Chairman from 1966-77. He held a life-long concern for the Lower Cape region and was a staunch supporter of conservation values as the Seashore's programs and facilities developed. In this spirit, the fund, established in 1992, receives, manages and disburses monies to support one or more Nickerson Conservation Fellows at the Seashore.

2011 Nickerson Fellow

2011 Nickerson Fellow Jenny Burkhardt
measuring sediment movement in cord grass

2012 Nickerson Fellow

2012 Nickerson Fellow Erin Hilley
at Marconi researching ants' dispersal
of broom crowberry fruits

2008 Nickerson Fellow Jesse Wheeler

2008 Nickerson Fellow Jesse Wheeler
working in the grass at Hatches Harbor

2009 Nickerson Fellow Taylor Harvey

2009 Nickerson Fellow Taylor Harvey
working in the mud near Great Island

— Arnold Ostwald Memorial Fund —

Mr.Ostwald was a blind volunteer at the Seashore who believed that his visual impairment could be used to promote an awareness of nature and the outdoors through the use of other senses. He initiated a series of public guided walks for the visually impaired and worked with Seashore rangers to equip the Buttonbush Trail with guide ropes, Braille text, touch exhibits and a graded path. In his memory, monies received by the fund are used to maintain the Buttonbush Trail and other National Seashore facilities for the handicapped.

Buttonbush Trail near Salt Pond Visitor Center

Buttonbush Trail near Salt Pond Visitor Center

— William A. Petitt Memorial Fund —

Atwood-Higgins House in Wellfleet

Atwood-Higgins House in Wellfleet

As a volunteer at Cape Cod National Seashore, Mr. Petitt helped to organize, care for and preserve museum collections at Salt Pond Visitor Center, the Atwood-Higgins complex and the Captain Edward Penniman House. Donations made to the fund at the outset of the memorial program were used to acquire a nucleus of books for establishment of a much-needed curator's reference library. Monies now received are used to enhance the archives through further acquisition of historical objects and out-of-print books.

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All donations are tax deductible
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