Atlantic White Cedar Swamp Trail


On the way to $75,000 earmarked for repair of the Atlantic White Cedar Swamp Trail in Wellfleet…

Deep in the woods of Wellfleet, near the Marconi site, the 1.2 mile-long Atlantic White Cedar Swamp Trail  (AWCST) includes a 2500-foot boardwalk that meanders through an isolated remnant of an ecosystem created after the last ice age and now normally found in mid-Canada or farther north. 

 Over the 50 years since the Job Corps installed the trail, park staff has periodically maintained it.  With tripping hazards, accessibility issues, the buckling and bowing boardwalk, and weakened wooden supports, this trail needs a major overhaul.  Acting now will prevent greater deterioration which would ultimately be more costly. 

 FCCNS has allocated $25,000 for AWCST.  With your support, our 2018 fundraisers moved us closer to our $75,000 goal. The park applied successfully to the National Park Service Centennial Fund to match our commitment.